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In Seville you will get the opportunity to discover the essence of Andalusia. The city exhibits the exceptional heritage left by overlapping cultures, manifest in monuments like the Cathedral, the Giralda (the mighty ancient minaret) and the Real Alcázar (a succession of royal residences and gardens erected by different Islamic and Christian dynasties).

You will feel and share the extrovert character of this Andalusian city in the lively streets of its historic quarters. Tou can savour the tapas and local cuisine in one of the finest bodegas. Or view an authentic flamenco show in a traditional tablao. Enjoy moments of delightful calm on the banks of Guadalquivir river and in the intimacy of a blossoming patio.

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A fascinating heritage

Lying in the fertile plain of Guadalquivir river, navigable all the way to its outlet on the Atlantic coast, Seville has played throughout its long history an essential role as a commercial and cultural center in southern Spain.

The historical city displays the outstanding monuments granted by the overlapping cultures that have given it its seductive character. The first Tartessian and Phoenician settlement was converted into an important Roman colony known as “Hispalis” in 206 b. C. This Latin name became “Ishbiliya” in Arabic during the prolific Moorish presence, which lasted more than five centuries (from 712 to 1248), and left us indelible traces in the city, like the towering Giralda (the ancient minaret of the disappeared great mosque), the Gold Tower watching over the river, important parts of the old city walls, a remarkable Arabic poetry which blossomed in the court of the poet king al-Mu’tamid, during the 11th century.

Following the discovering of America, Seville lived another golden age because its harbour received the royal monopoly of the trade with the New World.

A blend of these cultures is viewable in the old town. The Cathedral, the Giralda, the Archive of the Indies, the Royal Palaces (Real Alcázar) –a collection of palaces and gardens - are must-see monuments of Seville.

Moreover, the present capital of the Andalusian autonomous region loves to show its lively and extroverted character, all year round, and particularly during the colorful celebration of the Feria of April and Easter Weak.

The city of the Guadalquivir also loves to perpetuate an authentic art of life, palpable in the intimate streets and flowery patios of its historical neighborhoods, like Santa Cruz or Triana, cradles of the flamenco popular music.

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