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Luxury trip


12 days

Discover the lights of al-Andalus, the civilization that shined during centuries in the Iberian Peninsula and brought to Europe and the West marvelous fruits, in the field of sciences, philosophy, poetry and arts.

The so-called “Moorish Spain” was in fact a blend of cultures, a mosaic of ethnic and religious communities, which bequeathed to us inestimable traces.

This legacy is manifest of course in the outstanding treasures of Islamic architecture, like the Alhambra palaces, the Cordoban Great Mosque or the Sevillian old minaret “Giralda”. It equally survives in countless urban and rural landscapes of Andalusia.

It abides in the sinuous streets of villages dominated by medieval fortresses, in an intimate blossoming patio of a traditional house, in an ancient synagogue, in the shape of a bell tower, in a millenary steam bath and in the savors of the genuine local cuisine.

Our experts in heritage have designed a cultural itinerary to make you discover all these aromas, the highlights and the hidden treasures of a civilization which was a fruitful encounter between East and West.


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According to your needs and interests, we can customize your trip, adding some optional experiences and extension days for a deep exploration of the customs, traditions and history of the region.

Experiences Seville

Experiences Cordoba

Experiences Granada

Experiences Marbella/Costa del Sol

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